Jonny Pariss

Introducing Jonny Pariss, a dynamic young radio presenter with musical roots in the vibrant neighbourhoods of Ladbroke Grove, Brixton, and South London. Jonny’s passion for music was ignited in the heart of these culturally rich areas, where he was immersed in a diverse and pulsating musical culture from an early age and has now become the creative force behind the captivating show: “Beats Across Borders”. Fuelled by curiosity, Jonny has embarked on a non-stop musical odyssey, seeking out treasures from every corner of the world. From Botswana to Brazil, from Somalia to Saint Lucia, Western Samoa to South Wales he uncovers gems that transcend the limitations of country-lines. Through “Beats Across Borders” Jonny shares these discoveries, inviting listeners on a transformative journey. His youthful energy and keen insights create a fresh and thought-provoking perspective on the way we experience music, turning each episode into a sonic adventure. Join Jonny as he proves that music is a universal language, uniting us all across the globe. Tune in and let the beats carry you away . . .

My Programs

Swinging Somali

Every Monday at 8pm

Embarking on a rhythmic odyssey within "Beats Across Borders," Jonny uncovers the vibrant musical tapestry of Somalia. From the bustling streets of Mogadishu to the nomadic traditions ingrained in Somali heritage, he explores the swinging melodies and unique rhythms that define this East African nation. Through the lens of "Beats Across Borders," Somalia's music becomes a celebration of cultural resilience and a testament to the fusion of tradition and contemporary influences. Join Jonny as he immerses listeners in the captivating beats, offering a glimpse into the rich and diverse sonic landscape that Somalia contributes to the global musical symphony.


|Every Monday at 8pm

Beats Across Borders with Jonny becomes a sonic voyage that transcends continents. Delving into the rhythmic landscape, Jonny unearths the pulsating beats of artists like Los Mirlos, whose psychedelic cumbia rhythms from Peru resonate alongside the experimental sounds of German band Faust. The Afrobeat rhythms echoing from the streets of Lagos by the legendary Fela Kuti weave seamlessly into the disco-infused adventure. Jonny's exploration extends to the Caribbean, where the mystical sounds of Exuma and the soulful tunes of Ken Boothe from Jamaica add unique layers to the transcultural harmonies of the '70s.


Every Monday at 8pm

"Beats Across Borders" with Jonny unveils a musical tapestry that transcends continents. Navigating through this transformative era, Jonny delves into the soulful sounds of Harry Belafonte and Miriam Makeba, whose rhythms from the Caribbean and South Africa, respectively, echo the spirit of unity. The French influence is felt with the experimental sounds of Serge Gainsbourg, adding a touch of continental allure. Meanwhile, the Jamaican beats of Prince Buster inject the '60s with ska and rocksteady vibes. The beats not only carried us away but also wove a harmonious thread through the diverse musical landscapes of Africa, the Caribbean, and beyond.