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At Shoreditch Radio, the possibilities for content creation are as diverse as the talent within our community. Have you ever considered hosting a themed music show, exploring the rich tapestry of genres and introducing listeners to hidden gems? Alternatively, delve into the vibrant local arts scene or discuss trending topics in your Talk Podcasts. How about crafting a dynamic Drive Time Show with entertaining segments, traffic updates, and engaging interviews to make the commute home unforgettable? Let your creativity shine, whether it’s through thought-provoking discussions, innovative storytelling, or simply curating playlists that resonate with our eclectic audience. The stage is yours; what content will you create to leave a lasting impression on Shoreditch Radio?

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We are currently looking for the following people to help with our diverse selection of shows and social media content.

Radio Presenters: Elevate your on-air presence and be the voice that captivates audiences at Shoreditch Radio. We’re actively seeking enthusiastic Radio Presenters with a magnetic personality and a love for curating diverse and engaging content. Join us and be the driving force behind our vibrant selection of shows, creating an immersive experience for our listeners.

DJs: Set the airwaves ablaze with your musical prowess as a DJ at Shoreditch Radio. We’re on the lookout for skilled disc jockeys with an impeccable ear for beats that resonate across genres. Whether you specialize in electronic, indie, or a unique fusion, bring your talent to our dynamic team and shape the sonic landscape, ensuring our listeners are treated to an unforgettable auditory journey.

Get Involved

present with us

Breakfast Show

Energize our audience as a presenter on our Breakfast Show at Shoreditch Radio, infusing your mornings with great music, lively banter and engaging conversations. Join us in crafting a vibrant start to the day that captures the attention of listeners and showcases your unique hosting style.

Drive Time

Gear up for an exciting journey as a presenter on our Drive Time Show at Shoreditch Radio, turning evening commutes into memorable experiences. Bring your charisma to the airwaves, combining upbeat music, traffic updates, and entertaining content to make the drive home a highlight of your listeners' day.


Aspiring radio presenters, dive into the world of engaging discussions and captivating narratives by hosting your podcasts on Shoreditch Radio. Showcase your interviewing skills and bring a fresh perspective to diverse topics, contributing to an informative and entertaining experience for our curious audience.

Become an industry professional

Embark on a journey of creativity, innovation, and professional growth with Shoreditch Radio. We’re on the lookout for dynamic individuals who are eager to make their mark in the broadcasting industry. 

Broadcast Assistant – Seize the opportunity to thrive in the heart of broadcasting operations by becoming a Broadcast Assistant. Gain hands-on experience in managing equipment, coordinating live broadcasts, and ensuring seamless on-air transitions. 

Assistant Producer – Unlock your potential as a content creator and production maestro by joining Shoreditch Radio as an Assistant Producer. Take charge of the entire production process, from idea conception to post-production, and hone your organizational and creative skills. 


To join Shoreditch Radio and kickstart your journey in the world of broadcasting, simply reach out to us via email at or connect with us on social media @shoreditchradio across platforms. Whether you’re interested in presenting, DJing, podcasting, or producing, we have a plethora of opportunities waiting for you. Explore our Gigglr Academy Section and become a valued member of the Shoreditch Radio community,

While prior experience can be beneficial, we offer entry-level positions or membership packages for individuals with a passion for broadcasting.

Strong communication skills, creativity, adaptability, and a basic understanding of audio equipment and technology are crucial for success.

Start by creating radio shows with us and start broadcasting, create podcasts, or voice reels to showcase your abilities. Participate in our creative community of Shoreditch radio stations, and document your experiences.

Currently we are broadcasting pre-recorded shows, but once we have enough presenters and DJs fully trained we will open our live studio.

Email us at and we can set you up with an induction and timeslot so you can record and broadcast shows.

Yes, networking is key. Attend industry events, connect with professionals, and consider joining online communities related to radio and broadcasting to expand your contacts.

We offer various mentorship programs in our Gigglr Academy. Look for opportunities to connect with experienced professionals at events relevant to your field and vibe with people who can guide you in your career.

We do not employ staff and the expectations of Shoreditch Radio is to provide real world experience. Check out our Career mode on the website, allowing individuals to gain experience while balancing other commitments such as education or another job. Be open about your availability and discuss flexible options with potential employers.

Yes, while we encourage IRL engagement, we do have options to broadcast and create content remotely.

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