Healing from Nairobi, Kenya, Nuj, an alternative Afro producer/DJ grew up to the sounds of reggae and rock. Both equally influencing her creations.

She has played sets ranging from summer parties to brand gigs and large nightclubs in both London and Nairobi with her main energy revolving around the sounds of Afro, and my piano and trap and a touch of old school Usher.

Culture she brings to the decks creates the perfect cocktail of sunset vibes brought straight from East Africa to London doorstep.

My Programs

Mixtape (JAN)

Every Monday at 9pm

Dive into Nuj's monthly DJ mixes where she unleashes a fusion of Afro beats, seamlessly blending reggae, rock, and trap. Each mix is a vibrant journey through diverse genres, creating a sonic landscape that mirrors her eclectic influences.

Mixtape (FEB)

Every Monday 9pm

Join Nuj on a monthly musical voyage as she crafts DJ mixes that bring the sunset vibes of East Africa straight to London's doorstep. With a signature blend of Afro, reggae, and trap, her mixes create the perfect cultural cocktail for listeners worldwide.

Mixtape (Mar)

Every Monday 9pm

DJ Nuj curates captivating soundscapes in her monthly DJ mixes, weaving together the rhythmic tapestry of Afro, reggae, rock, and trap. Each mix is a testament to her dynamic musical palette and the cultural richness she brings to the decks.