Last week, The Stage, a 37-storey tower in the heart of Shoreditch, became the canvas for a fusion of art, culture, and fashion. Galliard’s luxury landmark development, nestled alongside the historic remains of Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre, welcomed guests to witness the intersection of tradition and innovation in the world of couture.

Collaborating with UKCFAC, The Stage embraced its historical provenance as a hub for showcasing art and culture. The site, dating back to 1577, has been reborn for a 21st-century audience, boasting design-led homes, offices, luxury retail, and restaurants. This unique collaboration celebrated innovative art, blended cultures, and provided guests with a glimpse of the tower’s incredible views and lifestyle amenities.

The fashion event, held on Thursday, February 22nd, captivated over 70 industry professionals. BUZHIWU’s brand, ‘COSELF,’ took center stage, presenting a modern interpretation of traditional culture through Chinese brushstrokes and ink graffiti. The collection drew inspiration from Nüshu, a unique script from Jiangyong, Hunan, China, exclusively used by women for a thousand years. BUZHIWU’s designs prompted thought-provoking questions about self-perception and authenticity for women in diverse and inclusive ways.

To complement the visual spectacle, traditional Chinese music by Oriental Music Lab filled the air, featuring instruments such as Guzheng, Pipa, Erhu, Bamboo Flute, and Zhongruan. Guests indulged in bespoke tailor-made Chinese afternoon tea, creating a seamless blend of art, music, and cuisine.

BUZHIWU made her UK debut earlier in the month, featuring one of her designs as the grand opening gown for a finale fashion show at London Fashion Week. Her works showcase an innovative fusion of Chinese and Western cultures, focusing on interdisciplinary fashion design, digital art, and art installations.

The collaboration with UKCFAC underlines the organization’s commitment to supporting emerging talents in the fashion design industry and providing global recognition, particularly for those from less-developed areas in China. UKCFAC aims to encourage pioneering and innovative designs, protect China’s unique cultural heritage, and promote cultural exchange between China and the rest of the world.

The Stage, with over half of its 412 apartments sold and occupied, is not just a residential tower. It offers a diverse array of amenities, including leisure facilities on two basement levels, dual screening rooms, bookable meeting rooms for hybrid working, a gym, yoga studio, and the breathtaking 32nd sky lounge and terrace, providing stunning views over London.

David Galman, Sales Director for The Stage, expressed delight in hosting BUZHIWU and showcasing her couture designs. He emphasized the tower’s role in setting a new benchmark for luxury lifestyle in the sought-after EC2 postcode.

Lijun Bi, President of UK-China Fashion Arts and Culture Ltd (UKCFAC), highlighted the historical significance of The Stage, built alongside the site of William Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre. The location, once vital for sharing art and culture, has now been reborn for a new generation.

Prices at The Stage start from £690,000. For further information on BUZHIWU, her work, or UKCFAC, contact For The Stage, contact 020 3621 0525 or visit The Stage Shoreditch.

The Stage in Shoreditch has not only become a symbol of architectural elegance but also a vibrant canvas for the convergence of global cultures through fashion, art, and innovation. The collaboration between The Stage, London Fashion Week, and UKCFAC has set a new standard for luxury living in the heart of London.