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RealMusik at the My Life As A Moth/Junodef Showcase at Paper Dress Vintage on Tuesday 12 April 2022

Last night at Paper Dress Vintage was certainly a good night for taking in the latest Swedish music . But, what is it with these Swedes? Have they never heard of genre? Junodef are promoted as post rock; but they are a lot more than that.

Don’t get me wrong; this is not a crticism. This is where popular music needs to be, and should be, going. Their set was a treasure trove of influences, visiting psych, folk, synth rock: must I go on. A brilliant band that you must catch live as soon as you can. Don’t forget to send me some tracks, girls.

As for My Life As A Moth, one of her tracks has already been one of my Singles of the Week. Consequently, I was expecting something special. However, I was not prepared for such an amazing set; full of brilliantly crafted songs beautifully performed by her and her talented band.

Hopefully, they will both keep up the good work, throw away the rule book (if they haven’t already), and continue to amaze us



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